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Video Content Creator

Could you imagine working in a peacefull place next to the largest garden in Kansai ? 🌸

Japan has a lot to offer, particularly in Osaka which is well placed city. There is plenty to visit to ease our minds, From ancient capital Kyoto to the blooming nature of Nara, not to mention the sakura and the castle of Osaka a few minutes away!  Experience a pleasant working environment like you have never seen before. Join the adventure of a growing company with ever more ambitious projects!

We will be glad to welcome you to live the Japan-Dream that all passionate people about Japan are dreaming of. We believe that the right Video Content Creator will play a pivotal role in shaping our brand narrative and connecting with our audience, making a significant impact on our online presence and the success of our products.

Come join our international and friendly team!  🍙


Job Description

Are you passionate about bringing products to life through engaging and visually stunning videos? 🎥

We're on the lookout for a talented Video Content Creator to join our team and take our YouTube channel to the next level! ⭐

Join us in building an exciting and engaging online presence for our brand through the power of video content! 


< Job Description >

• Video Production: Create captivating videos that showcase our products in a compelling and informative way.

• Editing: Utilize your editing skills to produce polished and professional videos.

• Communication: Effectively communicate product features and benefits to engage our audience.

• Creativity: Bring fresh and creative ideas to enhance the overall video content and presentation.

• SEO Optimization: Implement SEO strategies to maximize the visibility and reach of our videos on YouTube.

<Requirement (in order to obtain a Working Visa)>

Bachelor's degree from an internationally recognized university, with accreditation acknowledged by the Japanese authorities.


< Strong knowledge of >

• Video production and editing.

• Communication skills to convey product information effectively.

• Creative thinking and the ability to adapt to different styles.

• SEO practices for YouTube.

• Japanese Pop Culture 🌸


< Annual Income >

• 2.5 to 4 million japanese yens per year

• Annual Pay increase

• Annual Bonus (up 150% the monthly salary)


 < Plus >

• Currently resident in Japan

• Experience with other ecommerce solutions

• Experience creating proof of concepts

• Have interest and skills about user experiences, SEO and more...

• Agile / Scrum software development

• Love pop culture : be an otaku or geek…. or both! ❤️


< Holidays >

• Saturdays and Sundays!

• Start at 22 days annual paid leave!

• Special leave (marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, etc.)

• Childcare leave : you can also work 1 month from your place! Enjoy this unique moment!

• Random additional paid leave! Depending on our results we offer extra days of paid leave every year! Average of 5 additional days paid leave

• Flexible working hours options


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